On the 13th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami we released ICHIRO AND THE WAVE in the memory of those who perished. Watch the 10-minute short here:

The Tsunami of New Dreams is a documentary feature film (in post-production) that explores the impact of tsunamis in the Banda Aceh communities of today and of centuries ago. The film presents testimonies of local survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to showcase the direct relationship that exists between knowledge of basic scientific facts and survival rates. The film is directed by Isaac Kerlow and produced by the Earth Observatory of Singapore and Syiah Kuala University.

Syafai helped to relocate his fishing community
to a new settlement on a hill, and rebuilt his family.

BA-Web-Fisherwoman-1Zuhra escaped the tsunami by carrying her disabled father up the hill next to their fishing village.

BA-Web-Muharram-1Muharram, the former Commander of the GAM troops in Aceh Besar during the conflict,
provides insight into the role played by the tsunami in the resolution of the fighting.

The film uses stories about the human experiences to motivate general audiences to learn about Earth science and natural hazards. It also uses basic tectonics and paleo-tsunami concepts to explain the dynamics of natural hazards within a humanistic framework.

BA Tsunami Preview Poster Card-v.1.0In November 2014 we previewed a rough cut of the film to a local audience
in Banda Aceh and we received good feedback and suggestions.