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Tsunami of New Dreams
A documentary feature film by Isaac Kerlow
Total running time: 69 min, color (Director’s Cut, 90 min.)
Completed: May 2021, filmed in Indonesia
In Indonesian, Acehnese and English, available with English or Spanish subtitles

Tsunami of New Dreams is a Singapore/Indonesia/United States/France co-production. Produced in collaboration with the Earth Observatory of Singapore, ICAIOS the International Center for Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies in Banda Aceh, Indonesia; and, with major funding provided by the AXA Research Fund. Producer: Isaac Kerlow. Associate Producers: Saiful Mahdi and Yenny Rahmayati. Assistant Producers: Jeannie Loo, Rizanna Rosemary, Aida Azlin, and Antoinette Jade.


This project is made possible by contributions from:

– The Earth Observatory of Singapore
– The AXA Research Fund
– Syiah Kuala University
– UIN Ar-Raniry
– The National Research Foundation
– The Nanyang Technological University
– The Ministry of Education
– Private donors