Director’s Statement

The Tsunami of New Dreams is written and directed by Isaac Kerlow. The film is designed to provide a mainstream audience with a comprehensive view of the effects of the 2004 tsunami in Banda Aceh. The experience is built mostly around interviews with survivors, dealing with tales of survival and experiences during and after the tsunami.

We also filmed snippets of the survivors’ present daily lives, and recreated with drawn illustrations some of the events that they encountered during the disaster. The interviews emphasize a positive outlook on life, and also provide valuable preparedness-related information. The subjects interviewed represent a balanced sampling in terms of geography within the city and surrounding areas, age, gender, education level, occupation, income level and understanding of natural hazards.

BA-Web-VillageSec-1After his fishing village was erased from the map Syafawi led the move of
the surviving community to a nearby hill, and started a new family.

We photographed a number of city areas that experienced extensive damage and reconstruction, and coastline areas with evidence of possible past tectonic activity. We secured a fair amount of archival disaster footage from a number of local and international sources. The movie also includes some paleo-tsunami facts, and easy-to-understand animated visuals of the Sumatran subduction zone and the Great Sumatran fault.